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New still from 2x01

"When I first got to Los Angeles, I was extremely homesick and it was very scary. I was 19 and didn’t know what it was about or what I was doing. I went out a lot for a little while, but I realized it wasn’t making me happy. I like to get dressed up, go out and have a drink and a good time as much as the next person. I’m a good time girl for sure, but I’d rather go to a bar and play pool. You can go out every single night in LA. There is always something going on. It just gets old. The important thing to remember is that partying doesn’t make you happy. It’s just a distraction."

The Plague” Extended Trailer (x)

countdown to season 2 → a chill in the air (1x05)

"Regret is a terrible feeling. And though I’ve sent my ship off, I am still filled with it."

Love lower your eyes... give me a sign”


countdown to season 2 → hearts and minds (1x04)

"You’ve never learned to take, like a bastard can. Take a crown. Take a woman. Take a life!"

infinite list of favorite reign outfits:

↳Mary in 1.18